Quick look: Football Champions Cup Slot

There are most likely a lot of fans of football among the online gamblers. And we’re talking of course about European football, or what’s known in USA as soccer. Well, if you too are a fan of football, then you will definitely like to try out NetEnt’s new game called Football Champions Cup slot. It’s a fun game and it will most likely hit home with most gamblers that enjoy watching or playing football. Below you will find more information on what this game is all about; and if you want to know more about football and casino – be sure to check out: http://footballbetexpert.com/online-casinos/

Graphics and overall feel of Football Champions Cup slot

football champions cup

As you may have imagined, this game is all about the game of football. Right at the first screen, you will be able to select your national team from a host of nations. There’s the French, the English, the Italian, and some other countries. This is more symbolic than anything else – as it will have no other noticeable effect on the rest of the game. So, the symbols of the game; predictably are emblems of football items. There’s the referees’ whistle, there’s the sneakers that you use for football playing; there’s the gloves that the goalie has on their hands, and there are a few other football-related emblems.

Different valued symbols

What’s important to know is that these symbols all have different value, and depending on the combinations that you will make, you will get different results in the end; resulting in different amount of profits. Moreover; there are the classical symbols of the cards, such as the ace, the king and queen, etc. There is no music in the background of the game – there are only noises from the crowds on the stadium – and every time you make a winning combination, they will cheer.

Bonus games and symbols

There’s the wild symbol, which is a staple in most slot games nowadays. It takes the form of any other symbol that you can use for playing, in order to make a winning combination. You can get an overlay wild symbol on any given spin – and the overlays may come on top of the regular symbols of the game – not of other wilds; or scatters, or bonus symbols. There is the scatter symbol as well; and if you can hit a number of them – then you will get free spins. There’s a minigame involved here – as the free spins will be given on a knockout phase of a football tournament – the goal being to get to the final and get the prize.

Finally, there’s the bonus symbol – if you can hit three of them, you will get to play a bonus game where you will play a penalty shootout with your opponent. First, you will select where you would like to shoot the ball, of four corners. And then you will select where you’d like to defend the ball as a goalie. The bonus game features 5 rounds, and here you will be able to get handsome prizes.

Final words on Football Champions Cup

Football Champions Cup is a must play for all of the hardcore football fans that also enjoy playing the slot. It’s a game full of features and bonuses, and the core of the game is really fun as well – it provides a great atmosphere for the casual football and slots fan.

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