Gambling in Africa

In this article, we will cover the development of gambling in Africa. How did it all start? Which are the main markets now? What types of games are popular in Africa? All of this and much more you will learn by reading this article.

How Gambling in Africa Started

According to gambling in Africa started in South Africa. It was horse racing that became very popular. For many years betting was totally legal in South Africa but since 1996 the laws and regulations are quite complicated.

gambling in africa

Countries in Africa that are gamble now

In Africa, there are a few countries that like to gamble. For most people in Africa, it is sports betting and in particular football betting that is popular. And especially the premier league is a popular choice. For example, when a Nigerian player like Ighalo is playing in a UK club it becomes even more popular to watch and play on the games.

As you probably already figured Nigeria is one of the most popular countries when it comes to online gambling. The national lottery regulation commission was established in 2005 and since the market has been growing rapidly. Other countries where it is popular to gamble online are Kenya, Ghana, Uganda. Kenya is a tough one since they last year removed many of the licenses. Making it quite hard for new casino brands to enter the market.

Why is casinos not popular in Africa?

Many people wonder why only betting is popular in Africa and the casino is not popular at all. Well, first of all, it is often about culture and religion. Many people in Africa are Muslim and even for Christians it can sometimes be doubtful if they can play “according to God”. We believe that everyone should do what they think is the right choice. If you have to grade the different kinds of gambling one could argue that sports betting is more ok than gambling on slots. We really enjoy playing casino and at our home page, you can find more info about new casino bonus. Remember that whatever you do, it should only be about having fun and nothing else.

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