Review of the online casino guide CasinoViking

This post is going to be a bit different from what we usually write about. Today we are going to go into details about the online casino guide CasinoViking has specialised in being the best at listing the latest new casino sites in the UK in 2020. There are many websites that have recently noticed how good CasinoViking is to find and quickly rank and sort out the best options. A company that really enjoy working with CasinoViking has also written an article about this on Let get into detail what makes CasinoViking such a good and reputable online casino guide on several markets.

CasinoViking focus on New Casino Sites 2020 in the UK

As we mentioned earlier one of the main focuses is on new casino sites 2020 in the UK. Many comparison sites and guides are already doing this so why are CasinoViking better than its competitors? For a few reasons, they constantly scan the market and are in contact with hundreds of people in the business on a regular basis. It might be easy for others to do but it takes time and you need to constantly talk to people to actually know and get first-hand information on when a new casino is being launched. It also helps to visit different affiliate conferences to get to meet even more people. The next big one in the UK is the London Affiliate Conference (LAC) 5-8 of February 2020.

When CasinoViking ranks a new casino 2020 in the UK the focus if first on security and who is the owner. To bring a safe gambling environment is the most important factor. After that most players are looking for casino bonus and free spins. With this much focus on new casinos, it is just natural that CasinoViking has become really good at new free spins no deposit as well. Continue reading if you want to know more about how they work with free spins and bonus spins in the UK.

casinoviking - the best guide to new casino sites in the UK

Free Spins No Deposit 2020 in the UK – CasinoViking has the list!

Since the new regulations in the UK free spins have now been divided into two different categories. Free Spins = Spins with no deposit required. Bonus Spins = Spins with deposit required. When as CasinoViking being a specialist in new casino sites they also naturally acquire a lot of information about free spins no deposit and other great bonuses that UK players are looking after. That why it is a natural step for CasinoViking to list the best available free spins no deposit for UK players that is available in 2020. What we like most about their lists is that they are always updated. Sometimes even a couple of times per day. Very impressive!


So if you do not find the information on our website then we recommend that you visit CasinoViking. Especially if you are looking for new casino sites 2020 and free spins no deposit 2020 in the UK.

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