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Syndicate Casino – gambling with the mafia!

Here’s a casino that we like right off the bat in the year of 2021. One of the most important aspects about it is the uniqueness of the theme. You can learn more about it in our article on the subject. You can also learn what else to expect about the casino – including the games and promotions. So, with no further ado, let’s get to it.

syndicate casino

The theme of Syndicate Casino

The name of the casino tells you exactly what to expect when it comes to the theme. It’s centered on the mafia. There are phrases and classic sentences from popular mafia movies that are thrown around. For example, the casino will “give you an offer that you can’t refuse“. There are images of gangsters wielding Thompson guns in their hands. And the overall impression of the website is that of the mafia.

We don’t know about you – but we personally are fascinated by this field. So, we really love the theme of Syndicate Casino. However, we realize that there will be many of you that won’t like the theme for the exact same reason that we like it for.

Deposits and payment methods

What we really like about this casino as well is the fact that there are many payment methods. Aside from the staples like Visa and MasterCard – there are also cryptocurrencies that you can use. And it’s not just Bitcoin. There are Litecoin, Dogcoin, Ethereium, and others. So, if you prefer to use any of these payment methods – you will find a safe haven here.


There are interesting tournaments that are held in this casino. They go under the name of “battles” and they are described as mafia shootouts. But at the core the tournaments are regular slot competitions. You will get to play against other players and compete in how much money you will make. This will bring you additional prizes.

As for the slots that you can play – there are many of them. And there are classic games like Immortal Romance, too! Some other slots are Rich Wilde and the Book of the Dead, Bonanza, Captain Candy, and others. Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker are some of the table games you can play. There is a live section, alive and well, too. And there are games that are specifically tailored to Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion

Syndicate Casino is a great online casino 2021. You will likely enjoy your experience here. We hope that you will get the chance to do just that. If you want to now more about new casinos 2021 and what to think about when you playing at these ones, read this article which gives you a quick and easy guide on how to do just that.

Gambling in Africa

In this article, we will cover the development of gambling in Africa. How did it all start? Which are the main markets now? What types of games are popular in Africa? All of this and much more you will learn by reading this article.

How Gambling in Africa Started

According to gambling in Africa started in South Africa. It was horse racing that became very popular. For many years betting was totally legal in South Africa but since 1996 the laws and regulations are quite complicated.

gambling in africa

Countries in Africa that are gamble now

In Africa, there are a few countries that like to gamble. For most people in Africa, it is sports betting and in particular football betting that is popular. And especially the premier league is a popular choice. For example, when a Nigerian player like Ighalo is playing in a UK club it becomes even more popular to watch and play on the games.

As you probably already figured Nigeria is one of the most popular countries when it comes to online gambling. The national lottery regulation commission was established in 2005 and since the market has been growing rapidly. Other countries where it is popular to gamble online are Kenya, Ghana, Uganda. Kenya is a tough one since they last year removed many of the licenses. Making it quite hard for new casino brands to enter the market.

Why is casinos not popular in Africa?

Many people wonder why only betting is popular in Africa and the casino is not popular at all. Well, first of all, it is often about culture and religion. Many people in Africa are Muslim and even for Christians it can sometimes be doubtful if they can play “according to God”. We believe that everyone should do what they think is the right choice. If you have to grade the different kinds of gambling one could argue that sports betting is more ok than gambling on slots. We really enjoy playing casino and at our home page, you can find more info about new casino bonus. Remember that whatever you do, it should only be about having fun and nothing else.

Review of the online casino guide CasinoViking

This post is going to be a bit different from what we usually write about. Today we are going to go into details about the online casino guide CasinoViking has specialised in being the best at listing the latest new casino sites in the UK in 2020. There are many websites that have recently noticed how good CasinoViking is to find and quickly rank and sort out the best options. A company that really enjoy working with CasinoViking has also written an article about this on Let get into detail what makes CasinoViking such a good and reputable online casino guide on several markets.

CasinoViking focus on New Casino Sites 2020 in the UK

As we mentioned earlier one of the main focuses is on new casino sites 2020 in the UK. Many comparison sites and guides are already doing this so why are CasinoViking better than its competitors? For a few reasons, they constantly scan the market and are in contact with hundreds of people in the business on a regular basis. It might be easy for others to do but it takes time and you need to constantly talk to people to actually know and get first-hand information on when a new casino is being launched. It also helps to visit different affiliate conferences to get to meet even more people. The next big one in the UK is the London Affiliate Conference (LAC) 5-8 of February 2020.

When CasinoViking ranks a new casino 2020 in the UK the focus if first on security and who is the owner. To bring a safe gambling environment is the most important factor. After that most players are looking for casino bonus and free spins. With this much focus on new casinos, it is just natural that CasinoViking has become really good at new free spins no deposit as well. Continue reading if you want to know more about how they work with free spins and bonus spins in the UK.

casinoviking - the best guide to new casino sites in the UK

Free Spins No Deposit 2020 in the UK – CasinoViking has the list!

Since the new regulations in the UK free spins have now been divided into two different categories. Free Spins = Spins with no deposit required. Bonus Spins = Spins with deposit required. When as CasinoViking being a specialist in new casino sites they also naturally acquire a lot of information about free spins no deposit and other great bonuses that UK players are looking after. That why it is a natural step for CasinoViking to list the best available free spins no deposit for UK players that is available in 2020. What we like most about their lists is that they are always updated. Sometimes even a couple of times per day. Very impressive!


So if you do not find the information on our website then we recommend that you visit CasinoViking. Especially if you are looking for new casino sites 2020 and free spins no deposit 2020 in the UK.

Winoui Casino Review

By reading articles like this one, you will get to learn more about online casinos. And this can be quite handy information. Just make sure that you’re reading the right articles – as there is a lot of misinformation online. If you get the proper information, then you will know what you’re playing with. This article will provide you with information about one online casino. The name of this casino is Winoui. Read more below.

The basic outline of Winoui

winoui casino reviewWinoui is a brand-new online casino. Personally, we weren’t captivated by the way it looks right off the bat. Sure, the design is sleek and neat. However, we still think that there is a missing spark. Something that will make the casino stand out and shine. Regardless – this is not a fact that will perturb many people. What’s important to note is that the casino’s structure is solid. We haven’t had any problems with the way the website works. Everything is accessible and easy to use. The interface is solid and based on logic. Sadly, these things are not something that we usually say about online casinos.

Games at Winoui

There are loads and loads of slot games at Winoui Casino. They are immediately available on the main website. You can scroll down and see them all. For the sake of reference, we’ll tell you about some of them. So, the available slots are Narcos, Book of Sun, Valley of the Gods, Mountain King, and many others.

Aside from the slots, there are also other games that you should have in mind. Roulette, keno, blackjack, poker, bingo, craps, poker, and other table games are also available. The list of available table games is quite impressive. It’s rare to find this many games in this section, in most other online casinos. So, we’re quite satisfied with the gaming offer at Winoui Casino.

Promotions and bonuses

The welcome bonus A will have you get 200 EUR if you deposit 200 EUR yourself. It’s a 100% deposit match. There is a welcome bonus B, too. But this is a measly bonus, to tell you the truth. It’s a 200% match – but only up to 20 EUR. Snore. Later on, if you reload, you will get a 50% deposit match up to 100 EUR.

In conclusion

With a quality selection of games and bonuses – Winoui is our next favorite online casino. We can’t wait for you to visit it and see just how great it is.

Horse Race Betting Classics 2019

There are many of us that like to gamble on horses. There are some horses this year that you do not want to miss out. Check out this article to find a list of the races in the UK, do not forget to pick up a casino bonus at new casinos 2019. In this article, we will try to go through some of the most promising horses and what to expect from them this year.

What makes a horse a good racing horse

There is a huge difference between how we get a good racing horse and how we get a good football player. When it comes to horses we try to put together to already successful horses and make an even better horse. This can be seen as controversial for some people. The most controversial thing is that some people do use electronics to domesticate the horses. This is forbidden in many countries and should be forbidden worldwide we think. The horses practise many hours per day and have the best food and circumstances that you can think of. They have it better than many humans. It is because a good racing horse can be worth millions. Here are some of the horses to bet on in 2019:

Skitter Skatter

This amazing horse has a well-known trainer and already had a few successful races. If Skitter Skatter is able to be healthy for the entire year the horse has a big chance of becoming one of the most successful horses this year. Make sure to follow Skitter Skatter if you are interested in horse racing!

The horse Japan

Japan has as we described above been optimised by having parents that have had very successful carries. If this horse is not successful it would be a big surprise for many that have been in the business for a long time. Check Japan out for 2019.

horse racing horses 2019

More and more competition

There is more and more competitive each year and the money is bigger and bigger. Try to make sure to only support the horses that have been treated well. Make sure to follow them from being young to get an advantage over other players. Horse racing is actually on of the few things you can gamble on and make money in the long run. Most people do only play for fun and that is perfectly fine as well. Remember to be 18+, to read the user terms and user policies at the casino you choose to play at. If you are from the UK, choose only licensed casinos otherwise the chance of getting tricked is quite high. Now go and have fun while betting at horses at new casinos 2019 in the UK.

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