Wolves! Wolves! Wolves!

Wolves! Wolves! Wolves! is a very weird name for a slot game. However, as it turns out, this is the exact name of a slot made by Playtech. We can only speculate the immense creativity that the game’s godfathers had when thinking up of the game’s name. But what’s the gameplay like of this game? Is there something more exciting and creative than the name itself? Read the review and find out.

Theme of the game

Do you know what the theme of the game is? It’s… wait for it… Wolves! Well, the game’s main symbol is a wolf. Other than that – the game has not much to do with wolves. There are tomahawks, Native American teepees, a horse and an eagle as symbols. The rest are the suits of the cards. It’s a really uninspiring theme. The game’s creators didn’t really invest too much into it. Aside from that, you may like the snowy background atmosphere. The music is unobtrusive – yet highly atmospheric. You will hear wolves howling in the background while you play. We like the game’s atmosphere.

wolves wolves wolves slot review

The basic structure of the game

Aside from one quirk (more on this later) Wolves! Wolves! Wolves! is a simple as it gets. It’s a base slot game. All you need to do is spin the reels and hope to get winning combinations. The minimum bet is 0.20 coins and the maximum are 20 coins. This makes the game great for those of you that are risk-averse. The game has an RTP rate of 94.08%. This makes it unattractive as the industry standard is at 95%. Also, the game has medium volatility.
But there is a unique special feature about this game, to be fair. It’s the fact that the reels can grow bigger. Originally, you start out with 40 pay lines. However, the reels can start expanding. The number of pay lines that you can reach with the biggest expansion is 100. This feature can be triggered on any given spin. There’s also a wild symbol in the game in the form of a native-American totem. It can take the form of any other symbol of the game.

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In conclusion

Wolves! Wolves! Wolves! is not Playtech’s finest moment. In fact, it’s pretty far out from it. The game can get boring very quickly. There simply aren’t too many reasons why you should play it. There is one bonus only and that’s it. Only play this game if you’re a fan of wolves and a snowy atmosphere while you play.

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