Reels of Wealth Slot Review

If you play online slots, then you’ve definitely heard of Betsoft’s name. This company is one of the biggest in iGaming and it has made many slots. Their slots ooze charm and they have extraordinaire qualities about them. One of their newest games is called Reels of Wealth. This is a fun game with some interesting features. If you’re interested, then you can learn more about them in this article.

Reels of Wealth Slot – Symbols

There are many different symbols in Reels of Wealth. If you check the pay table, you will be able to see them all. You can make winning combinations with red, green, and blue diamonds, money stacks, gold bullions, and others. There is also a handful of special symbols that can bring you special prizes. To that end, you can win free spins, big coin wins, and even jackpots.


The theme of this slot game is money. So far, so good. There isn’t a single person that plays slots that can’t relate to this subject. There things made of gold in the background. As for the music, we really can’t say that we like it. It’s a bit too loud and it can get obnoxious rather soon. Of course, we get it that it was probably the creators’ idea to make the music a bit loud. And there undoubtedly are people that will like it. But we didn’t.

Special features

reels of wealth slot reviewIf you want to, you can select the autoplay feature and help the game play itself out. You can select the number of free spins that you would like the game to go through. Also, there is an option to gamble your wins. You can double the amount you’ve won if you make the right choice. Or, you can lose it altogether if you don’t.

Then there’s the fact that you will get a respin after every winning spin. And multiple wins will combine to give you bigger win multipliers, up to 3x. The wild symbol takes the place of any other symbol except the special ones. It also increases your wins with a 2x multiplier. Finally, multiple Mega Stars symbols can trigger the jackpot feature and can also grant you a number of free spins.

Betsoft games are growing all over the world

It really is interesting to follow these big-time game developers on there quest of conquering larger and larger markets. Betsoft Gaming, one of Europes absolute top-developers for the last couple of years have now starting to look even wider. They have already started to work in Africa and for Nigerian players there will be a solid game offer from Betsoft within soon. More and more Nigerian casinos are partnering up with Betsoft, as well as other big European game developers. At sites such as, you can learn about how the Nigerian gambling market is developing more and more similar to many European ones. While Nigeria is one of the top performing markets in Africa right now, other African countries are shadowing them. It is quite understandable that slot developers want to take a big bite of these new markets indeed.

Our conclusion of Reels of Wealth

So, Reels of Wealth is a great choice to make if your goal is to make a lot of money. This game can definitely help you make a big sum of money if you’re lucky enough.

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