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Quick look: Football Champions Cup Slot

There are most likely a lot of fans of football among the online gamblers. And we’re talking of course about European football, or what’s known in USA as soccer. Well, if you too are a fan of football, then you will definitely like to try out NetEnt’s new game called Football Champions Cup slot. It’s a fun game and it will most likely hit home with most gamblers that enjoy watching or playing football. Below you will find more information on what this game is all about; and if you want to know more about football and casino – be sure to check out:

Graphics and overall feel of Football Champions Cup slot

football champions cup

As you may have imagined, this game is all about the game of football. Right at the first screen, you will be able to select your national team from a host of nations. There’s the French, the English, the Italian, and some other countries. This is more symbolic than anything else – as it will have no other noticeable effect on the rest of the game. So, the symbols of the game; predictably are emblems of football items. There’s the referees’ whistle, there’s the sneakers that you use for football playing; there’s the gloves that the goalie has on their hands, and there are a few other football-related emblems.

Different valued symbols

What’s important to know is that these symbols all have different value, and depending on the combinations that you will make, you will get different results in the end; resulting in different amount of profits. Moreover; there are the classical symbols of the cards, such as the ace, the king and queen, etc. There is no music in the background of the game – there are only noises from the crowds on the stadium – and every time you make a winning combination, they will cheer.

Bonus games and symbols

There’s the wild symbol, which is a staple in most slot games nowadays. It takes the form of any other symbol that you can use for playing, in order to make a winning combination. You can get an overlay wild symbol on any given spin – and the overlays may come on top of the regular symbols of the game – not of other wilds; or scatters, or bonus symbols. There is the scatter symbol as well; and if you can hit a number of them – then you will get free spins. There’s a minigame involved here – as the free spins will be given on a knockout phase of a football tournament – the goal being to get to the final and get the prize.

Finally, there’s the bonus symbol – if you can hit three of them, you will get to play a bonus game where you will play a penalty shootout with your opponent. First, you will select where you would like to shoot the ball, of four corners. And then you will select where you’d like to defend the ball as a goalie. The bonus game features 5 rounds, and here you will be able to get handsome prizes.

Final words on Football Champions Cup

Football Champions Cup is a must play for all of the hardcore football fans that also enjoy playing the slot. It’s a game full of features and bonuses, and the core of the game is really fun as well – it provides a great atmosphere for the casual football and slots fan.

Finding a way to cheat at slots

The slot machine is a well-known and beloved game that most gamblers have played at one point or another in their lives. It’s a simple game where all you need to do is to bet money and pull the lever of machine, and hope that you will win while the wheels spin. It’s a very fun and exciting experience, and it’s a great way for you to unwind a bit and relax after a hard day’s work, as long as you don’t get too carried away.

But is there a way to cheat at the slots? Many people are obsessed with this question, as they feel that if they could somehow crack the code of the slots – they will get rich from it and they won’t have to work a day in their lives any longer.

slot machine games 2018

The truth behind cheating at slots

The simple truth is that as of this day, there are no known methods to cheat at the modern slot games, be it in the real world or online. So, you can be comfortable in knowing that you can’t really beat the system. The reason for this is that the slot games are incredibly simple – and they require only a minimal effort on your behalf in order for you to play them. They involve no skill whatsoever.

The case is different for games such as poker and blackjack – these are games of skill, not only of luck, and this leaves you with space for cheating. You can stack the odds in your favour if you introduce cheating as well as the skillset in these games. But this is not the case when it comes to the good old slots.

In fact, the closest thing that you could be doing to cheating when it comes to slots is to pay attention to various slot machines and games online. It’s frequently said in gambling circles that there are certain slot machines that pay more frequently, and pay more money than their counterparts. If you sit tight in any given casino and if you pay close attention, then you may even be able to sniff out which machines do exactly this.

Moreover, it’s also said in gambling circles that the more time a machine spends without paying out, the bigger the odds of it paying out soon. If you notice that a person is on a big losing streak at a certain slot game, then chances are that if you sit to play the same game that this person played right after them, you will have bigger chances of winning money. Or so the theory goes.

The truth behind the experience of slots

The fact of the matter is that you shouldn’t take the entire experience at the slot machines too seriously. It’s a fun little game where you have the chance to win some money if you’re lucky enough, or perhaps you will lose some money. In the end, you can’t really put your faith into winning a jackpot at the slots because the odds are really low for this. So, have fun and don’t take things to heart when it comes to the slots.

The Thing About Slot machines

Here is a brief explanation of why online slot machines are so popular on online casinos

Slot-machines are usually the most popular online casinos games. Slots online are an exciting alternative to the casino’s traditional games; and usually provide a higher payout. The vending machines are also popular due to two other things: They are easy to use and easy to understand and also very fun. There are no complicated rules and you can’t make the kind of mistakes you usually make when playing poker, roulette or blackjack.



Slot based on famous franchises

Slots are often based on well-known TV shows, movies and fun animations. The slot machines are created and selected by industry-leading companies to make the player the greatest possible entertainment. The games are designed to a high standard and with the impeccable design and creative play; make for a great gaming experience.
The most popular online slots are currently the Marvel-sprung Ironman 2 and Avengers. Other popular movies are also represented as, for example, the Classic Gladiator. The player can play the movie with all the big events, same characters and win big money while playing! Some of the slots have millions of jackpots that can be won with a single spin. There is no easier way to win on a casino, than with a slots!

The difference between a land-based slot and online-slots

The slot machine operates in a very easy way. On a number of rolls, usually between four and five, there are several pictures that give a profit when landing according to a particular pattern. The variations and number of line patterns are different for different slot machines. A game can have up to 50 paylines.

Online slot machines are also popular because there is no need to play so much. The player does not have to bet big to win big money. The player can pick home a large progressive jackpot  – by betting a very small bet. This is possible thanks to the many progressive slots, which means that all players pay in to a big jackpot that everyone can win. There are also slot machines that have multiple progressive jackpots that can be won by different players. This also increases the potential jackpot sum and the chances of winning!

Casino Heroes 3 – A little sneak peek

When Casino Heroes was launched back in 2014; there was a whole new world to explore, namely  “Treasure Island”. With over 40 regions and just as many bosses, to say that you “explored” the fantasy world was a bit of an exaggeration when it really was about a meter that took you from one boss to another. The potential was by all means there; and as a reward system; the bosses and regions worked well –  but the game was very linear; and you did not really get immersed  into the world. In 2015-2016 another world was added. The boss-fights became more fun, and the graphics improved slightly, but mostly the update (Casino Heroes 2.0), touched on mobile customization and “Rubies” and a free spins bunus was introduced.

casino heroes 3

New Casino Heroes 3

The biggest change of Casino Heroes with the third major update; will not mean the end of the progress gauge showing how far from the next boss you are at the moment; but it will finally be visualized. By playing your favorite castles at Casino Heroes 3, you will see your hero on a 3-dimensional map; and there will also be treasures to find along the way. It feels like this was what the Heroes online casino was supposed to be from the start; but for technical reasons, never really worked – until now. Better mobiles and faster internet connections dares you to bet without risking to shut out players without the right hardware.

New Update opens up the World

The new update also opens up the world, which will give you a third island with 10 new bosses. In the past we could only go on a adventure in one way. You played through a region and then proceed to the next. When you defeated all the bosses, you could move on to the next island. With the new update, we can jump freely between the three islands and their respective regions. The hero’s new casino becomes much more flexible and guaranteed a lot more fun.

We can barely wait, because  it was a long time since we defeated the final boss Betser for the first time. Now it is very important to play through the adventure again, especially considering all new taxes, but also for the pure visual experience.


New Casino Bonus – What to consider!

There are many people who are so-called bonus hunters or Free Spins-hunters who sit and go through each of the casinos that have the best offers; and which casinos releases Free Spins to their members without any deposit requirements. If you are registered at about 20 casinos; you will be guaranteed  a few offers every day.

new casino bonus

Why should you register at a New Casino?

Right now it is very popular to offer Free spins when making a deposit; but several of the casinos we list here on the site give away free Free Spins without any deposit requirements! This means you can register at the casino; and immediately after get a lot of Free spins. You can actually win several million if you are really lucky; and there are many who make good money every month just by sign up.

The great perks of registering at many of your favorite casinos,  is that you can collect a welcome-bonuses at several casinos without actually risking any of your own money! Often, your deposit is matched to a certain percentage; which means that when you deposit an amount of money in your account, the casino in question will deposit an equivalent amount. If you for example deposit 100 Euro, and the casino matches your deposit with 100%; the balance of your game account will instead say 200 Euro. In general, you can think that a 100% bonus means your deposit is doubled.

Free New Casino Bonus

Free games and free spins are often associated with special games and usually do not involve any direct demands on your side. You can be awarded free spins to Swedish casinos by participating in promotions, making deposits and, in some cases, just creating an account. For a bonus that gives a free cut, the turnover requirement is rarely linked to the actual number of turns, but it is the winnings from the free play that may require a turnover. So take a good look on what requirements are needed from your part. However, there are some things to consider when choosing to receive a new casino bonus. The most important thing to consider when choosing to use free money or free games, is what conditions are required for the money to really be transferred back to your bank account. So always read the fine print!



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